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Hello! I’m Geoffroy Juberay or Joff3D

I’m Graphic Designer 2D and 3D real time since 15 years before. Passionate in my job, I’m still more learn and accurate news skills . My passion and my motivation still the same since my beginning: Two words follow my way, Quality and Passion


Ready to Work together!

I offer our customers a collaborations based on trust, quality, timelines and assurance that the final product will meet all your expectations.

You and i can work together to create exactly what you envisioned before we began. Check out 3D gallery to see some examples of my handy work.

  • 3D Modeling, texturing & lighting
  • Web Design & Icon Sets
  • Motion Graphics
  • Training and School lectures


3D Lead Graphic 

Feb. 2019 – Current

3D Operator 

April. 2018 – Jan. 2019

Surface Artist

Oct. 2017 – 2018


Webdesign Graphic

Multimedia school Paris
Nov. 2015 – April. 2016

Master of Graphic 

University Art & Graphic
Sept. 200 – Feb. 20

Master of Art 

University Art & Graphic
Sept. 200 – Feb. 20


Sport, Training & running

Like US comics, Japan manga, Art and Design, video games world

Voluntary work for Alma Paris Association:

3D Gallery

Recent Work

Spiderman 3D printing, Colossus and Sentinel, Renault Car interior, 3d environment for VR mobile display 

3D Character Design

Modelisation and Posing (Xmen, Colossus)

3D Print

Modelisation and Posing (Spiderman)

3D Real Time

3D Modelisation (car interior)

3D Environment for VR mobile display

3D modelisation Texturing and lighting


Enjoy and go with me!





73 Avenue Charles de Gaulles
Savigny sur Orge, CP 91600